The point of this website is to collect together various bits of professional, scientific and occasionally personal information, previously scattered across several websites, or left hidden in the dark recesses of old hard drives (or floppy disks in some cases), or previously homeless due to lack of a suitable webspace. That's all there is, and there ain't no more.

Contact information

Current contact information - email and Skype addresses

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Brief professional history

Current and previous professional and scientific positions

>> Professional history

Radiansa Consulting

I am currently Managing Director of Radiansa Consulting, public limited companies based in Spain and the UK

>> Radiansa Consulting

Past scientific research

These webpages detail scientific research carried out at the University of Surrey, and at the National Microelectronics Center in Barcelona, up to 2004.

Consumer protection

I work with the Spanish Consumer's federation in their campaign against fraudulent products related to electromagnetic radiation, these pages describe some of various pseudoscientific practices and general weirdness that I've come across.

>> Electromagnetic pseudoscience (under construction)

Brief personal history

Some personal information and early history

>> Personal history

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